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There has been a revolution in the world. But unlike the revolutions of the past, it was addressed not to classes, but to a person. The era of the masses has been replaced by the time of a person's personal freedom. New forms of social organization have taken the place of pressure, coercion, and intimidation. They began to be based on individual responsibility, high motivation and personal interest.
Instead of the primitive "vertical of governance", new methods of organizing the state and society based on partnership, cooperation and horizontal interaction have come.
This revolution has passed by Belarus. Moreover. For over a quarter of a century, the country has been moving in the opposite direction. Family, neo-feudal relations were established in the country with the possibility of various forms of capriciousness, brusqueness and rudeness towards those who are lower in the social ladder.
A model has been formed in the country in which the elevation of some occurred not through individual development and personal growth, but through the "omission" and humiliation of others, depriving them of pride and human dignity.
There was a consistent isolation of energetic personalities, or their expulsion from the country. The entrepreneur was criminalized, and the citizen was "sterilized". As a result, a society was formed, devoid of the sincerity of creativity, courage, audacity.
We can clearly see the results of this. The economy has lost competitiveness, and society has lost the ability to develop.
While the economies of Europe, America and Asia were developing rapidly, Belarus' GDP not only did not grow, but also decreased over 10 years. The incomes of the population have fallen. Now Belarusians earn less than the poorest Chinese province. Our country walks around the world with an outstretched hand and asks for loans to cover interest on previously received loans.
Belarus seems to have turned into another planet, with a different attraction. A tight atmosphere of stagnation, lack of fresh air of change, lack of light, beauty and smiles. A country living in the past, not the future. This musty air and the atmosphere of hopelessness demoralizes people, kills their optimism and creative fervor.
Our young people do not want to give birth and do not want to live here. The population of Belarus is decreasing by almost 40 thousand people every year. For 25 years, the country has "lost" 750 thousand people – its population has decreased by the number of Mogilev and Vitebsk combined.
The birth rate is falling catastrophically. Last year we had a new anti–record – as many children were born in Belarus as in 1945 - when the whole country lay in ruins after the Great War.
Young people go abroad with their families. Because they believe that there are more prospects, knowledge, freedom, money and... hope. The hope that tomorrow may be better than today ... The Belarusian Revival, the possibility of which was still felt in the mid-90s of the last century, did not take place. It was replaced by timelessness, a period of stagnation, stagnation, public apathy and indifference.
We don't solve the problems of tomorrow – we don't understand them. Instead, we are busy with senseless "battles for the harvest", "modernization" of the woodworking and cement industry, saving the worsted mill, pulp mill, visiting pigsties and cowsheds, as well as the fight against "parasites" and "idlers". Colossal efforts, money, time and energy are spent on all this.
Against the background of rapid changes, we are stuck in outdated ideas about the world, where the key concept is the enemy. Its presence justifies our internal problems. The conspiracies of the State Department, the intrigues of the European Union, the intrigues of the Rosselkhoznadzor – they are responsible for the fact that our country is slowly but surely sliding to the global economic periphery. From the country with the highest potential in Eastern Europe, we have turned into the second poorest state on the European continent.
Today Belarus is facing a historic choice! Or continue to spend time and energy on solving the problems of yesterday. Or continue spending taxpayers' money on expensive sporting events, fake parades, palaces and residences.
Or move forward into the future!
Different countries and peoples faced a fatal question in different historical circumstances: do they have the right to a meaningful sovereign existence in a changing world? Or doomed to be absorbed by more successful neighbors.
Such a question in a hidden form has also arisen in front of our country today. And the biggest threat to us was not the military might of NATO or Russia. The biggest threat to Belarus is an inefficient economy, an archaic management system, and poverty. It is high time to abandon the outdated management system, in which the whole nation looks at the mood of one person every day. It's time TO RETURN POWER TO THE PEOPLE OF BELARUS!
I'll be honest. I dream of having another country. A country where people own property – the land of their ancestors, factories, enterprises, factories. Where people will feel like masters. Where they can work freely. Not from under the stick, but because they feel the country is their own.
My dream is that we have a country where people can express their opinions openly, freely and without fear. Where there will be an independent parliament expressing the opinion of voters. Where there will be independent courts – so that citizens and businesses can be sure that cases will be considered according to justice and the law, and not by a call from "above".
A country where vulgarity, brusqueness and rudeness will be eliminated from the style of political leadership. A country in which there will be respect for every citizen of the Republic of Belarus, no matter who he is, no matter what position he occupies.
A country where parks, squares and playgrounds will not be destroyed for the benefit of a foreign developer who has come from nowhere and whose interests are represented. And on the contrary! Where the best infrastructure for the life, study, work and recreation of our people will be created by world standards.
Belarus is a wonderful country! We just need to live through the last months of a provincial-boring era, and after that we will be able to show the world everything we can. Belarus is still able to surprise the world with technologies and new intellectual breakthroughs!
We can expect a wonderful future!
I have decided to run for the post of President of the Republic of Belarus! I have enough managerial and life experience for this! Having serious contacts in political and business circles in different countries of the world, I will be able to use them for the benefit of the people of Belarus! By creating a High-tech Park, I showed Belarus and the whole world that our people can be as smart, creative and enterprising as Americans, British, Japanese, Koreans and other successful peoples of the Earth.
Now I ask for your support to make the entire national economy of our country like this. So that we, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, gain personal dignity and self–respect. So that we stop being the object of pity and sympathy from countries that are developing and moving forward. So that we can find a new country, free, dynamic, not looking with envy at other people's successes, but showing an example to others.
The world is changing! And we have to change! Constantly, continuously!
We must be open to the world, learn from it, let in everything new, creative, progressive. This is the only way we can exist in a world where the ability to constantly change ourselves, the authorities, and the society in which we live is synonymous with success.
History is an open road. It is not fatal. The thought, creativity, intelligence, and energy of our people are capable of transforming our country, becoming a powerful means of reviving the nation, its dignity, honor, and pride.
And then we will go ahead! To wealth and prosperity!