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Lukashenka steals money from Belarusians | Exclusive investigation

 I will show how Lukashenka's thieving schemes work, from decrees to offshore accounts that budget money goes to.

Having raised a whole generation of spineless military and employees, the usurper took the whole country hostage.  Having bred false and cynical ideologists in the form of parasitic structures and positions in all enterprises, organizations and military units, we observe the results of negative selection and the degradation of an entire country in the center of Europe.

While the regime withdraws the last money from Belarus, naive fools do nothing or defend the illusion of stability and the most brazen unscrupulous thief of our time. Their actions today directly threaten the independence of the country and the prospect of its development.

In addition, while some of them doubt or fear changes, people are leaving the country with the participation of whom the country's budget was formed, as well as our children. We are already seeing the tragedy of IT specialists in HTP, emigration of students and doctors, reduction in culture and other social spheres. In 2020, thousands of enterprises showed a minus, and this year most of them have already been quietly put up for sale.

I want to believe that in addition to cowards and adaptants wearing cardboard shoulder straps, there were real officers there. In order to become a true Hero, you just need to fulfill your duty while you have a chance. We are the descendants of the winners in no war and this holy blood is simply obliged to sober you up from this madness and make you act according to conscience and according to the law!

The whole of Belarus and the whole world will remember the liberators and there is no doubt that these heroes will forever go down in the history of the New Belarus.  I have provided you with just the tip of the iceberg of evidence of the theft of this regime. And this is already more than enough to arrest the main criminal in our country!