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I have filed a lawsuit against the EU Commission (Comments)

It was directly involved in actions that compromised democratic values and principles in relations to the people of #Belarus. Its actions brought harm to political, social and economic interests of our people. I also take this case very personally. In 2020 together with @viktar_babaryka
, we used our personal resources to bring democratic changes to Belarus. I even sold my house, a place my wife and I invested in for over eight years without getting to enjoy it. To oppose our democratic efforts, #Lukashenko used his vast administrative and practically unlimited financial resources.

The EU Commission did not contribute anything to the 2020 revolution. And it was not its obligation. To combat dictatorship was our defiance. Many risked lives, lost their freedoms and properties, many experienced torture and beatings. All these sacrifices had one fundamental goal: free and fair elections.

My accusation against the Commission is not its absence from the 2020 revolution. I accuse it for using its political influence, administrative powers and financial might to dismantle the unity of Belarus's democratic forces. It nurtured corruption, aided in suppressing independent media, sanctioned modern "slavery agreements" with journalists and bloggers. They imposed sanctions on the people of Belarus that fought against dictatorship while continuing trade with the regime. They violated several basic principles outlined in the Treaty on European Union, the Lisbon Treaty, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Ursula @vonderleyen, the president of the European Commission. She attended the  @KarlspreisAC ceremony this past May. Probably, because Volodymyr @ZelenskyyUa, the president of Ukraine, was honored and scheduled to be there. During the event, Veronica @VTsepkalo, the recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, who played a key role in 2020 elections, spoke with her. It was a unique opportunity for a woman, who risked her life for democratic values to talk to the president of the Commission. Together with Maria @by_kalesnikava, they faced greater dangers than @Tsihanouskaya whom Lukashenko approved to run and who was under his protection. At the Charlemagne Prize event there were no "protocol restrictions" as was explained to Veronica the reason why she could not attend meetings together with Svetlana, the same way as they were together on Belarus soil.

Veronica proposed to Ursula a strategic session on Belarus. Von der Leyen could sincerely explain that some nations, like Belarusians, have less value in the eyes of democracy than others. Or she could tell some people are inferior and therefore cannot be entrusted with democratic values; they could stay at the level of food and other basic needs. Instead, she choose a pietistic speculations about inclusivity, importance of dialogue, etc. She even proposed to call the initiative a "Belarus democratic platform". We publicly announced this conversation to Belarusians.

As it became clear, these words had no value for the Commission's president.

The promised strategic session was replaced by a formal meeting with the Commissioner 
@JosepBorrellF. But even at this pro-forma meeting Belarusians saw the group of individuals, who appeared from nowhere, didn't represent anyone since none of them ever participated in the elections even on a level of a village council.  These individuals however were very capable of monetizing together with the Commission the sufferings and sacrifices of Belarusians.

Veronica, as a person, who proposed the session, was crossed out from the list of participant. The same way as presidential candidates, members of parliament, that had courage to challenge the dictatorial regime. The Commission does not welcome people with strong beliefs and principles. They might ask tough questions about wrongdoings, unfair deals, control over the media, humiliation of genuine freedom fighters and other abuses of financial resources provided by the Commission on the amount of €140 million of the European taxpayers. The Commission prefers to continue use the same principles in connection to Belarus such favoritism, secrecy and preferential treatment for another €240 million planned to spend in secrecy from Belarusians. Ursula von der Leyen showed that her words about democracy are just a blur to hide money deals from the people of Belarus.
As if they say to Belarusians: "Stay out of it."

We are not going to stay away from it! We continue to believe in the European institutes, that stay firm to democratic principles and values. I trust the @EUCourtPress will carefully consider this application, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and the importance of upholding democratic values and principles. We want to make this case open and transparent, as treaties that constitute the European Union prescribe it.