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The primary reason for a lawsuit against the EU Commission

The primary reason for a lawsuit against the EU Commission is that since 2020 it has imposed sanctions on Belarusian people and simultaneously funded organizations, responsible for violating human rights, compromising the independence of mass media, and orchestrating massive leaks of activist data (in violation of the EU's GDPR Act). These actions resulted in the arrests of many Belarusian citizens, with some receiving prison sentences of up to 24 years.

The sanctions of the Commission predominantly affected the people of Belarus, who were not responsible for the atrocities of the regime, do not bear responsibility for Belarus’ involvement into #RussianUkrainianWar. Banking accounts of small and medium-sized businesses, unaffiliated with the Lukashenko regime, were shut down. The personal accounts of ordinary Belarusians opposing the dictatorship were also closed. The visa regime was tightened, numerous consulate divisions of European countries were shut, and visa prices rose substantially.

By freezing the accounts of Belarusian businesses and citizens, the Commission handed #Lukashenko an efficient mechanism to increase revenue from Belarusian taxpayers. Financial transactions became transparent for the regime, granting it a prime opportunity to amplify tax collections from both individuals and businesses. Armed with this tool, Lukashenko increased salaries for his oppressive machinery, secured additional funds to target Belarusians who peacefully protested against rigged elections, and efficiently persecute them.

The perceived corruption within the Commission, coupled with the persecution of pro-democracy advocates in Belarus and the preferential treatment of regime-tied businesses, has made many Belarusians skeptical of the proclaimed democratic principles and values viewing them as mere hypocrisy. Belarusians (on photos) are able to see how their sacrifices for democracy are punished by the Commission and monetized by individuals never fighting for democracy.