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Valery Tsepkalo: Building a hi-tech hub

Podcast "Person of Interest" is produced by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Our guest Valery Tsepkalo is known for many reasons, including his expertise in developing technology hubs. In this interview he explains how, under his supervision, in a mere 10 years the Belarus Hi-Tech Park grew from a pilot start-up project to one of the largest IT clusters in Europe. Valery Tsepkalo is a former Belarussian Ambassador to the United States of America and to Mexico. He has served as a governmental expert to the UN Secretary-General in the field of information and communication technologies. From 2005 he was the Head of Belarus Hi-Tech Park. Under his supervision in ten years, the Belarus Hi-Tech Park become one of the largest IT clusters in Europe. He holds Ph.D. in International Law.